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  Information for Developers

Sbarro is continually looking to expand its family of restaurant locations, and is widely acclaimed as one of the best-managed and most innovative ventures in the United States.

How can I get started?

  • If your location is looking for a nationally recognized eatery to deliver outstanding casual dining, the first step is to fill out a site evaluation form (pdf, 164 K) (You will need the free "Acrobat Reader" program to open and print this file. This can be downloaded here).

  • Contact us for additional information.

What are Sbarro's site requirements?

  • The Sbarro concept is flexible enough to be successful in a broad range of locations, and specifics for eligibility are determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • In general, site requirements include the proper building and mechanical infrastructure for a high-traffic restaurant.

  • The typical food court restaurant would measure approximately 400 - 1000 square feet, preferably in an end cap with two sides of glass. In-line buffet restaurants may measure 1400 - 2000 square feet. Typical measurements for a High Street/Flagship Sbarro are 2000 - 5000 square feet. However, one of the operational advantages of Sbarro venues are their flexibility, with some restaurants as small as 300 square feet and as large as 2000 square feet.

What is the ideal site location for a Sbarro restaurant?

  • Of course, high visibility in shopping areas with a strong demographic profile is the ideal scenario. Accessible parking, corner location, and high traffic count all contribute to the criteria.

  • Sbarro Restaurants can also be found in non-traditional locations, such as colleges, convention centers, hospitals, rest stops and stadiums.






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